Test pressing of lost Aphex Twin album up for sale for £8,000

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to turn the LP into a digital release

A copy of an Aphex Twin album that only reached the test pressing stage is being sold for $13,500 (£8,000).

The extremely rare album, titled ‘Caustic Window’, was printed on four sides of vinyl and is currently listed for sale on Discogs.

According to Fact, the album reached the test pressing phase in 1994, but was scrapped and never released. The seller claims that the release is one of five test pressings that were never released and that he was given the record by the electronic musician’s own Rephlex Records label in 1994. The seller claims Rephlex will never press the album itself.

Fact also report that users of online forum We Are The Music Makers are working on a Kickstarter campaign that would buy the test pressing and turn it into a one-off digital release. Rephlex Records has apparently offered one-time duplication rights to the first 500 people who contribute to the campaign.

The group plan to put the record up for auction on eBay. Once it is sold, a third of the profits will go to Aphex Twin (real name Richard James) and his Rephlex label as a royalty payment, a third will go to the Kickstarter contributors, and a third to a charity that they will all vote on.

Once the auction is complete and payment received, everyone will get to download their promised digital version of the LP.

Aphex Twin’s last full album was 2001’s ‘Drukqs’, although James has since released a number of EPs and recordings under various aliases.