The Aphex Twin will be spinning the wheels of steel in Dublin...

RICHARD D. JAMES, aka THE APHEX TWIN, has hooked up with an unknown Irish student to DJ at tonight’s REPHLEX RECORDS show in DUBLIN.

Twenty-one-year-old animation student Eoin Kidney approached Rephlex in the hope that he might convince them to come to Dublin. Rephlex, a label renowned with working with people removed from the mainstream music industry, obliged.

“It’s about two years ago now I heard Aphex Twin for the first time and he completely blew me away and sort of got me into the whole electronica genre and on to labels like Warp, Rephlex and Skam“, explained Kidney.


“From all the rumours and stuff I read on the net it didn’t seem like there was much chance he was going to play anywhere soon. My grandmother left me and my brother a bit of money and I was waiting for something worthwhile to do with it, so I decided to promote some sort of electronic music gig. A main reason to do it was to hear some decent electronic stuff live, but I’m not going to hide the fact that I could see there was money to be made. So the one record company that seemed to be most likely to do it would be Rephlex.”

Kidney eventually plucked up the courage to ask Rephlex if Richard D James would be available: “I went and asked could Rich play, just for the hell of it cause I knew the chances were low, and they mailed back saying, “Rich said yes”. I nearly fucking blew apart!

“I think this gig is a great example how the fans of great music in Dublin can really get together just for the music and pull something like this off.”

Kidney & Rephresh present REPHLEX DISCO ASSAULT SYSTEMS INC at Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin, tonight featuring DJs Richard D. James (Aphex Twin), Rephlex Master Control, Cyclob and Mike Dred, with live support from The Alpha Incident.

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