Says that you'll have to wait until he's dead to hear new album...

Aphex Twin has stated he is to quit the music industry and that people will have to “wait ’til he’s dead” to hear his next album.

In a recent interview, Aphex, real name Richard James, said he was stepping out of the limelight to concentrate on making a short film and a feature film with Chris Cunningham, the director behind his award-winning ‘Come To Daddy’ and ‘Windowlicker’ videos.

Insisting that the interview would be his last, he said: “It (the new album) will be out in about five years’ time, if at all. What about my fans? They’ll have to wait ’til I’m dead – if I haven’t taken all my tapes to the grave with me! It’s too distracting when you release your music – you can’t be honest. Sometimes you’ve got to duck out completely.”


He continued that the only possible forthcoming release from him was an old-skool selection that he might be releasing through his own label, Rephlex, on DAT.

“If you want to release it, just send me half the money. Or if you want to copy it for your mates, send me some money if you can be arsed. I might send you some new tracks,” he said.

James said that Warp, the label he is signed to, were resigned to his decision to retire from music.

“Nobody bothers hassling me any more. They know what I’m like. I don’t want to have to listen to what other people have to say… I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.”

But Warp laughed off his threats saying that Aphex was just being typically wayward.

A spokesperson told NME: “It’s the same thing he always says. Richard is just Richard, he says whatever he wants. The last NME interview he did was supposed to be his last ever interview too.


“Then again he really might turn round and say he won’t do anything ever again!”

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