The label which launched the likes of the Aphex Twin looks back - and there are some amazing promos...

Renowned electronica label WARP are releasing a retrospective DVD.

The label, which launched the careers of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, [a][/a] and Sabres Of Paradise, release ‘Warp Vision (The Videos 1989-2004)’ on September 24.

As well as featuring the never-before-released highlights from 15 years at the cutting edge, the package will also feature a 55-minute bonus video mix.

Titled ‘Watch And Repeat Play’, the sequence was mixed, sequenced and edited by London-based DJs Buddy Pearce and ZILLA.

The DVD tracklisting runs:

1. Sweet Exorcist, ‘Testone,’ Martin Wallace & JarvisCocker/1990

2. LFO, ‘LFO,’ 1991

3. Nightmares on Wax, ‘Aftermath,’ Jarvis Cocker/1991

4. Aphex Twin, ‘On,’ Jarvis Cocker/1993

5. I Smell Quality, David Slade/1994

6. LFO, ‘Tied Up,’ David Slade/1994

7. Sabres of Paradise, ‘Wilmot,’ Douglas Hart/1994

8. Seefeel , ‘Fracture,’ Seefeel/1994

9. Aphex Twin, ‘Donkey Rhubarb,’ David Slade/1995

10. Autechre, ‘Second Bad Vilbel,’ Chris Cunningham/1995

11. Aphex Twin, ‘Come to Daddy (Director’s Cut),’ Chris Cunningham/1997

12. Squarepusher, ‘Come on My Selector,’ Chris Cunningham/1997

13. Jimi Tenor, ‘Midsummer’s Night,’ Jimi Tenor and Sökö Kaukoranta/1998

14. Aphex Twin, ‘Windowlicker (Directors Cut),’ Chris Cunningham/1999

15. Jimi Tenor, ‘Total Devastation,’ Jimi Tenor and Sökö Kaukoranta/1999

16. Broadcast, ‘Papercuts,’ Barback/2000

17. Jamie Lidell, ‘Daddys Car,’ Frederic D/2000

18. John Callaghan, ‘I’m Not Comfortable Inside My Mind,’ John Callaghan/2000

19. Antipop, ‘Perpendicular/Vector,’ Caliber 16 (Marcus Wambsganss)/2001

20. Plaid, ‘Eyen,’ Jean Luc Chansay/2001

21. Antipop, ‘Ghostlawns,’ Carlos Arias/2002

22. Autechre, ‘Gantz Graf,’ Alex Rutterford/2002

23. Aphex Twin, ‘Nannou,’ Laurent Briet/2003

24. Chris Clark, ‘Gob Coitus,’ Lynn Fox/2003

25. LFO, ‘Freak (Director’s Cut),’ Daniel Levi/2003

26. Luke Vibert, ‘I Love Acid,’ Delicious 9/2003

27. Mira Calix, ‘Little Numba (CR vid),’ Daniele Lunghini/2003

28. Plaid, ‘Itsu (CR Vid),’ Pleix/2003

29. Prefuse 73, ‘Half of What (CR vid),’ Ed Holdsworth/2003

30. Opto-Scientific, tDR/2003

31. Beans, ‘Mutescreamer,’ Adam Levite/2004

32. Jamie Lidell, ‘The City,’ Frederic D/2004