Aphex Twin has developed a new microtuning synth plugin

He's helped develop the MTS-ESP plugin

Aphex Twin has announced that he’s teaming up with the British tech company ODDSound to deliver a pioneering new synth plugin.

The producer is working under his birth name Richard D. James for the MTS-ESP plugin, which is capable of becoming the master tuning device for synth set-ups.

The device has been lauded for its international capabilities, as programming equipment is traditionally centred around the Western tuning system – commonly known as the 12 Tones of Equal Temperament (12 TET).


However, it is said that the MTS-ESP allows the programming to become more flexible for the first time – allowing other international musicians to take advantage of the tools.

The MTS-ESP software is currently compatible with other synths from Audio Damage, Expert Sleepers, U-He, Xfer Records, TAL, Surge and Audiorealism, and is currently expanding its capabilities.

The latest venture comes after the enigmatic producer sold his first NFT on March 14, with the non-fungible token going for $128,000 (£91,000).

The piece, titled afx\/weirdcore\blockscanner, was a collaboration between Aphex and regular collaborator and visual artist Weirdcore.


It later transpired that the producer hid something in the NFT – with digital artist and “creative mercenary” Freeka Tet – who also contributed “additional technical input to the token explaining how to unlock and extract the hidden files from the NFT’s seed.

“NFT HACK,” he captioned avideo. “been hiding something special in the NFTfrom the get go 🔓 and check what is inside.”

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