Aphex Twin just announced some terrifying new merch

It'll go on sale this Saturday

Aphex Twin has announced a new line of merchandise which features some very bizarre items.

The reclusive electronic artist – AKA Richard D. James – is planning to drop the collection this Saturday (November 24), although only a limited amount of stock will be available to purchase.

The new merch items – which the artist has described as a “retail opportunity” – include some scary-looking teddy bears (pictured), face masks and umbrellas. Each item is based on one of Aphex’s videos, including ‘On’ (a beach towel), ‘Windowlicker’ (umbrella), ‘Donkey Rhubarb’ (teddies), ‘Ventolin’ (anti-pollution mask), ‘Come To Daddy’ (babygro and T-shirt), ‘CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]’ (hoodie) and a ‘T69 Collapse’ print.

An online sale will begin on Saturday afternoon, with fans being asked to sign up for updates. The full line of merch will be available for sale from 10am on Saturday at Bleep X in London, while another sale in Tokyo will begin from noon on December 1 at Joint Harajuku. Check out some of the items below.

This merch launch marks a rare show of activity from Aphex Twin – although his most recent release, the ‘Collapse’ EP, was released back in September.

In a rare interview published earlier this month, James admitted that he would be “too scared” to try online dating.