Apink’s Eunji calls out stalker fans: “Please straighten yourselves out”

"I can no longer respect those who only think about their feelings and desires"

Eunji of K-pop girl group Apink has spoken out against stalker fans, also known as sasaengs in Korean.

On July 21, Eunji called out sasaengs in a series of now-deleted tweets on her official account. The singer alleged that there were some fans who have gone as far as going to her home, which she has denounced.

“Not only do I dislike it, but it’s becoming a disturbance to those around me,” she explained per translations by Koreaboo. “I can no longer respect those who only think about their feelings and desires. Let’s love in healthy ways.”


Eunji also expressed that she feels “upset” when she comes across photos of her dog that she doesn’t personally share on social media. “If you feel personally ashamed after seeing these words, please straighten yourselves out,” she added.

Screenshot Credit: TopStarNews

In related news, last week, SM Entertainment issued a statement where it condemned the “invasion of privacy and defamation” of its artists after sasaeng fans were spotted stalking the agency’s artists at their homes and military service sites, among other acts. The agency shared that while it has been lenient with sasaeng fans thus far, it now intends to take stricter action against them.

The agency condemned such acts, and saying that these actions have caused “severe mental and physical harm to not only the artists but also those around them such as their families, acquaintances and neighbours”.

Meanwhile, Apink member Son Naeun previously signed a contract with YG Entertainment as an actress, after leaving her longtime home of Play M Entertainment. The remaining five members of Apink – Bomi, Namjoo, Chorong, Hayoung and Eunji – have opted to renew their contracts with the latter company.

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