Apple Music and Pandora also remove R. Kelly’s music from playlists

They follow Spotify in stopping promoting the musician's music amid sexual misconduct allegations

Apple and Pandora have also removed R. Kelly‘s music from playlists following mounting sexual misconduct allegations. 

The R&B singer was accused of running an “abusive and controlling cult” of young women last year. In March, he was accused of grooming a 14-year-old girl to be his sex “pet”, while in April, Dallas police confirmed they were investigating claims he had “intentionally” given a 19-year-old woman an STD and plied her with alcohol. Kelly has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

Spotify announced earlier this week (May 10) that they would no longer “actively promote” the musician’s work on their algorithmic or editorial playlists. Spin reports Apple Music have since confirmed that they have been doing the same over the last few weeks, but R Kelly-themed playlists like ‘R. Kelly Essentials’ are still available.

Apple Pandora R Kelly
R. Kelly

Pandora, meanwhile, issued a statement that read: “Pandora’s policy is to not actively promote artists with certain demonstrable behavioural, ethical, or criminal issues. We approach each of these scenarios on a case-by-case basis to ensure we address components true to Pandora’s principles while not overreaching and avoiding censorship.”

Pandora users can still search for R. Kelly’s music on the platform or make a radio station for the artist, but the service will no longer push his music to fans.

Activists from the Time’s Up movement recently backed a #MuteRKelly campaign and called on RCA Records, Spotify, Apple Music, Ticketmaster, and Greensboro Coliseum Complex to sever ties with the star.

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