The cartoon popsters decide to 'take a break' from churning out pop 'classics' such as 'Barbie Girl'...

Cartoon popsters AQUA have announced they are to “take a break” from the band.

In a statement issued on the official Aqua website at, the group maintain that they are still “best friends”, but have decided to “take a break and not record a new album”.

The statement reads: “We have been very privileged. We have had lots of great adventures, seen the world and loved to meet our fans when we’ve been out performing. Yet still, we have realised that the spark just isn’t there right now.


“We owe to our fans to give one hundred per cent and that is why we feel this is the right thing to do: Take a break and not record a new album, as long as we ourselves don’t know exactly which way to go.”

Lene and Rene are expected to pursue solo careers, with the other members working on music.