The Scandanavian popsters are trapped in a jet for over a day...

Aqua were trapped inside a plane for over 26 hours after the flight they were on got stranded in ACAPULCO.

The band were on route from Europe to Mexico City when the plane they were travelling in got diverted to nearby Acapulco due to bad weather. Because Acapulco airport is so small, the band were unable to leave the plane.

Band member Sxren told the official Aqua website, [url=] “As the plane lands in Acapulco the pilot tells us that six of the world’s most expensive racing horses are on board the plane, in the cargo section. No-one is allowed to leave the plane, because it would tip over! The flight crew on board has now exceeded their allowed flying time, so the plane is not allowed to take off until a new crew has arrived. A replacement crew has been deployed – by bus – from Mexico City. It is supposed to take them about four hours to get here.


“Nine hours has passed and the replacement crew is still not here. The atmosphere on board the plane is beginning to feel tense, and a couple of elderly ladies start to cry.

“After ten hours the new crew arrives. The plane takes off again, and we can finally land.”

Aqua are currently undertaking a promotional tour of the world.