The band perform an exclusive mix on Bis star Manda Rin's regular show...

ARAB STRAP are to perform an exclusive DJ mix online for the BBC Scotland’s alternative radio show ‘AIR’.

‘Air’ is the Scottish alternative show hosted by Bis starAmanda Mackinnon (Manda Rin), and Arab Strap will be online


from 10pm on January 29. The online session will be broadcast following the regular three-hour show from 7pm.

The set coincides with the release of the new Arab Strap single, ‘Love Detective’, which is released on January 29 through Chemikal Underground.

The single will be followed by an album, ‘The Red Thread’ on February 26, also via Chemikal Underground.

The group will also tour in February, their first dates this year. Arab Strap will play:

Liverpool University (February 22)

Sheffield University (23)

Oxford Zodiac (24)

Coventry Coliseum (25)

London Scala (26)

Manchester Planet K (27)

Glasgow Arches (28)