Arca unveils new ‘KICK’ box set and shares new video for ‘Cayó’

Watch the haunting new video below

Arca has unveiled a new box set of her expansive ‘Kick’ series.

The release includes all of Arca’s latest albums, ‘KiCk i’, ‘KICK ii’, ‘KicK iii’, ‘kick iiii’, and ‘kiCK iiiii’, collected in a five LP vinyl box set released on May 20 via XL.

A limited number of box sets will include alternative artwork for ‘KiCk I’ that hasn’t been released before.


In addition to this announcement, Arca also shared a new song and video for ‘Cayó’, which you can listen to below.

In a statement, Arca said the song is about “exploring self states, non-binary modes of relating of that which is ‘other,’ creating new intersectional ways of mediating identity through exploring sensuality, and heightened communion with the sensual embodiment of self.”

Last December, it was revealed that Rosalía and Arca would host a new radio show for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto Online.

Video game developer and publisher Rockstar Games shared the news via a statement on their website on December 13, confirming that the duo’s MOTOMAMI Los Santos radio station – which shares a name with Rosalía’s upcoming ‘Motomami’ album – would arrive in the game from December 15.

The radio station played a wide array of genres, ranging from “artists such as Caroline Polachek to Daddy Yankee, Mr. Fingers, and Aventura”, according to Rockstar Games. MOTOMAMI Los Santos also played Rosalía’s ‘La Fama’ featuring The Weeknd as well as tracks from Arca.


Reviewing Arca’s last project, NME said: “Towards the end of ‘iiii’, ‘Woman I’ve Found’ ties ‘Kick’s message up neatly. I’ve been walking so long,” Arca says through stuttering manipulation, “the first time I felt the sun on my skin, it is my own now”. An ambitious collection of records about escaping definition, both musically and personally, this is richly varied proof of the producer’s vast talents.”

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