Arcade Fire’s Win Butler gives first interview about new album ‘Reflektor’

Singer also reveals that a handful of songs on the album pass the seven-minute mark

Arcade Fire‘s Win Butler says the band’s new album ‘Reflektor’ is “really going to surprise people”.

Details of the Montreal group’s fourth album and world tour were revealed on Monday night (September 9) in a series of posts on the band’s website. The same night, the band launched their ‘Reflektor’ single with a surprise show in Montreal, playing the small Salsatheque venue under the alias The Reflektors.

Appearing briefly on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show last night, singer Win Butler told the presenter about the process of how the album became a double record.


Butler said: “I think in Jamaica we were playing maybe 50 or 60 songs, like we literally played 60 songs while we were there and then kind of slowly refined it. It’s longer than [2010 album] ‘The Suburbs’ – it’s a double record – mostly down to the fact that the songs are a lot longer. I mean, ‘Reflektor’ is seven-and-a-half, there’s another couple of seven-minute songs on the record and so it made more sense to stretch it out to two records with two distinct sides. It’s more of a classic double LP vibe where you have to flip the side and it takes you to a different place.”

Asked if it meant that the band had got to a place in their career where they were comfortable to do whatever they wanted to do, Butler said: “That’s always been our goal. I never wanted to be in a band that couldn’t play whatever music we wanted to and I think that every record has been a project itself and some of the stuff on this record is really going to surprise people – it’s even more different than [the single] ‘Reflektor’, I would say.”

Pre-orders for the ‘Reflektor’ double album have opened up at, with the website stating that early orders will come with first access to ticket sales for special shows as well as the band’s forthcoming world tour.