Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor’ information leaks as band prepare for 9pm reveal

Band are rumoured to be playing live in Montreal jazz bar tonight, as alleged album cover and tracklist leaks

Arcade Fire are gearing up toward the reveal of their ‘Reflektor’ campaign tonight, with the band due to make a major announcement at 9pm.

It is widely expected that the band will give a first official play of new single ‘Reflektor’ this evening, though the plan was scuppered somewhat when the song leaked online over the weekend. Elsewhere, Anton Corbjin has said that a video he directed for the song will also be revealed this evening, and there are rumours the band’s new album artwork and tracklisting have leaked online.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Corbijn said: “I’m working on a really great song at the moment: Arcade Fire’s new single,” Corbijn says. “The song is called ‘Reflektor’, and you’ll be able to see it Monday evening.” Asked to describe the video, Corbijn says he has sworn himself to secrecy. “I can’t say much more than that, because it’s all a surprise. You’ll have to watch the TV Monday evening.”

Meanwhile, Arcade Fire Tube reports that the New Zealand iTunes store is showing the full tracklisting for the band’s new album plus the alleged album cover. The iTunes suggests ‘Reflektor’ might be a double album, but this is unconfirmed. The sculpture on the sleeve is by Auguste Rodin, from the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. Scroll down to see the album cover now.

It has also been confirmed that Arcade Fire will be the musical guests on the opening episode of the latest series of Saturday Night Live. Variety reports that the band will appear on the long-running US TV show on September 28, when Tina Fey hosts.

Meanwhile, Arcade Fire are said to be returning to the Montreal salsa bar they debuted a host of new songs at an intimate surprise set last Wednesday (September 4). It was reported that the band played to a “couple dozen” fans at the Salsatheque venue, who were told they would be removed from the venue if they attempted to record or take pictures of the gig on their cameraphones. Pitchfork today (September 9) reports that the band will return to the venue tonight to play for a second time. Tickets will cost $9 and the band are rumoured to be performing at 9pm.

The ‘Reflektor’ campaign started after the appearance of a circular graphic spelling out the title of the track – and possibly the album too, which was chalked up in cities around the world. Later, three images appeared on an Instagram account of the same name, lining up 9/9 9pm as a date of significance. It was then revealed that the Canadian band were behind the mysterious campaign and would be revealing their new single in full after two clips surfaced online.

It is believed that David Bowie‘s voice is the guest vocalist heard on the track, which leaked on Saturday. It was reported over the weekend that Bowie had joined Arcade Fire and former LCD Soundsystem man James Murphy in recording sessions at New York’s Electric Lady studios. Bowie is known to be a fan of the group and once performed ‘Wake Up’ with them.

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Earlier this year James Murphy spoke to NME about the band’s new album, which he is helping produce. Quizzed on what it sounds like, Murphy said: “It sounds like Arcade Fire in the way that only Arcade Fire sound like Arcade Fire, you know? It’s really fucking epic. Seriously. I mean, I feel at this point like I’m too close to it to really talk it up and do it justice, you know?”

The band recently announced details of their first live dates for 2014. The Montreal group will perform live on the Big Day Out touring festival of Australia and New Zealand in January. Appearing alongside Blur and Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire will top a bill which also includes Major Lazer, Snoop Dogg, Tame Impala and DIIV. Big Day out will start on January 17 in Auckland before visiting Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

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