Arcade Fire stream new short film ‘Scenes From The Suburbs’ online

Montreal band's cinematic debut is now available to watch

Arcade Fire are currently streaming their new short film Scenes From The Suburbs online. Head to to watch it now.

The film, which has been directed by Where The Wild Things Are and Being John Malkovich man Spike Jonze, is also included on the new deluxe version of the band’s last album ‘The Suburbs’.

Scenes From The Suburbs tells the story of troubled teenager Kyle‘s adventures over a summer and how he deals with the dramatic changes in character of his friend Winter.

Speaking to NME about the film recently, Arcade Fire‘s multi-instrumentalist Will Butler said of the film: “Hopefully it doesn’t explain the album more. We wanted it to be another slant, coming from the same place, so that the songs kind of illuminate the film and vice versa.”

Arcade Fire headline London‘s Hyde Park this Thursday (June 30) in what will be their largest UK show to date.