Arcade Fire’s new album ‘The Suburbs’ to be released with eight different covers?

The Canadian group's third studio effort is due out on August 2

Arcade Fire‘s forthcoming new album ‘The Suburbs’ could be set to be released with eight different covers.

According to reports on, the Canadian group’s third studio effort will be released with multiple cover designs.

They go on to say that the ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance), the people who distribute albums to retailers, have listed such information about the band’s upcoming August 2 release in their sales catalogue.

Despite such reports, neither the group’s official website or record label have confirmed such allegations.

Earlier this month (June 7), Arcade Fire previewed ‘The Suburbs’ live with a comeback gig in Granada Theatre, in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Meanwhile, Arcade Fire will perform a warm-up gig in London before their appearance at Reading and Leeds festivals in August.