Arcade Fire make live return to preview ‘The Suburbs’ at intimate gig

Band preview new record at Sherbrooke in Canada

Arcade Fire made their live comeback last night (June 7) – playing the first of two intimate shows to 1,200 people at the ornate Granada Theatre, in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

The Canadian group previewed several new songs from forthcoming album ‘The Suburbs’ at the show, which is a two-hour drive from the band’s home city of Montreal.

The new songs played included the title track – recently released on limited edition vinyl with ‘Month Of May’ – which featured frontman Win Butler on the piano. Other new songs played included ‘Ready To Start’ and the bittersweet ‘Used To Wait’.

The group also played the ominous, downtown-dissing ‘Rococo’, driving rock song ‘Empty Room’, ‘Modern Man’ and during the encore, a frenetic rendition of the aforementioned ‘Month Of May’.

Along with the new songs, the band also included the likes of ‘Keep the Car Running’, ‘No Cars Go’, ‘Haiti’ and an acoustic version of perennial show-closer ‘Wake Up’.

“Thank you very much for coming,” Butler told the crowd towards the end of the show. “It’s great to finally be in Sherbrooke. We were fools not to come sooner. We beg your forgiveness. We’ll see you soon, like tomorrow or something.”

Arcade Fire played:

‘The Suburbs’
‘Ready To Start’
‘Keep The Car Running’
‘We Used To Wait’
‘No Cars Go’
‘Empty Room’
‘Modern Man’
‘Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)’
‘Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)’
‘Month Of May’
‘Rebellion (Lies)’
‘Wake Up’