Arcade Fire reveal meaning behind ‘The Suburbs’ album title

Win and Will Butler speak about August-released record

Arcade Fire have revealed the meaning behind the title of their forthcoming new album ‘The Suburbs’.

Band members Will and Win Butler spoke on US radio station NPR Music today (May 27), saying that the title for the album, out August 2, was inspired by their upbringing in Houston.

Will and I were born in a really small town in California, on the Nevada border,” Win explained. “Maybe 50 people on the side of a mountain. We moved to the suburbs of Houston when we were young. Being a very young child, it’s like going to Mars or something. The blast of hot air when you get off the plane at Houston. Just trying to talk about some of the feeling [on the album].”


He added: “A lot of my heroes from Bob Dylan to Joe Strummer were suburban kids who had to pretend they were train-hoppers their whole lives. Talking about an experience and not make-believe [is what we’re doing on ‘The Suburbs’].”

Speaking about the music on the album, Will said that there were, “Two poles of the album, maybe have a rock’n’roll thing, then more electronics. The album lies between these extremes.”

Arcade Fire released a double A-side single, ‘The Suburbs’/’Month Of May’, on 12-inch vinyl today (May 27).