Arcade Fire reconvene after year-long hiatus

'We feel rejuvenated,' says Win Butler

Arcade Fire‘s Win Butler has said the band are feeling ready to start work on their third album, after taking a yearlong hiatus.

Since finishing their ‘Neon Bible’ world tour in February 2008, Arcade Fire have kept a relatively low profile, but in an interview with the Montreal Gazette, Butler said he now feels ready to focus on making music again.

“We feel really creative right now. We’re in a really good space as a band,” he explained. “This last year was the first break we’ve had in five years. Everyone feels really rejuvenated and excited. I’m happy to play music.”

The singer went on to speak about his surprise that Arcade Fire managed to actually finish and then release their new film, ‘Miroir Noir’, which came out physically on April 6.

“We can be hard to pin down,” Butler said of being filmed for the documentary.

“We tried to finish other film projects before, and always failed. The great success (of this film) is that we finished it. I’m happy with it. I think it’s interesting, and I think it’s true to the band, which is the main goal.”

Butler also took the opportunity to praise US President Barack Obama in the interview.

“Just before I came here, I was watching Barack talk,” he said. “He was going out to do a town-hall meeting in California. As insane as the stuff we’re facing is right now, I’m just so glad that there’s a smart person in charge.”

As previously reported, Arcade Fire have recorded a new version of their song ‘Wake Up’ for Spike Jonze’s new film ‘Wild Things’.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O is also rumoured to be involved in the project.