Arcade Fire show Radiohead around Montreal

Bands bond over bagels, dragons and football

Radiohead‘s Colin Greenwood has revealed how Arcade Fire showed his own band the sights of Montreal when they last played in the city.

In an interview with The Montreal Gazette, Greenwood explained that the two bands hung out after Arcade Fire came to both of Radiohead‘s Montreal shows in June 2006.

“It was really fun,” the bassist said. “They took us up to their part of town [Mile End], where they live. We had bagels and coffee on the church steps. It was really cool. We went to some bar – this European Community Centre – and watched football during the World Cup.

Greenwood added: “They came and saw both shows. They took me, Ed and Phil to see some gaming/Dungeons And Dragons thing in the park, then we walked to the top of the hill and looked down across Montreal with them. We talked to Regine and Win (Butler) about life and touring. It was really cool.”

Radiohead return to Montreal as part of the North American leg of their world tour on August 6.