Arcade Fire upload wrong song to website

Fans get new track, two days early

The Arcade Fire uploaded the wrong song to iTunes on Tuesday (December 26).

The track ’Intervention’ was supposed to be uploaded as a charity single today (December 28) but instead fans got a taste of a new track ‘Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations’ two days earlier than planned.

As member Win Butler posted on his online journal


“The song that people have downloaded from the US side of iTunes is called ’Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations’, and it is the next track on the record after ’Intervention’.

“I guess it is sort of charming that we can send the wrong song to the whole world with a click of a mouse…oh well.”

Butler also revealed the band planned to leak tracks from their forthcoming ’Neon Bible’ under different names.

He said: “We decided to try and get a couple of songs out to people before the record leaks (which is inevitable as the Christmas cold I can feel coming), but keep in mind that the record is very much meant to be heard as a whole.

“That is why we leaked over 100 songs on Myspace as fake band names over the last year and then made a compilation of the 11 most popular songs and called it ’Neon Bible’! You will all hear the whole record in due time, and I am sure it will all make sense.”

As previously reported, the album is expected to released in late March or early April.