Mysterious Arcade Fire site reveals its meaning

Band's cryptic message finally decoded

The meaning behind Arcade Fire’s new website has been revealed today (October 6).

The band had been directing fans towards the site with a cryptic message all week, explaining that the site’s meaning – an anagram of ’Neon Bible’ itself – would be revealed.

Today following a countdown the site launches a music video for second album title track ’Neon Bible’.

Featuring just frontman Win Butler’s disembodied head and hands, the video directed by Vincent Morisset sees the Arcade Fire man simply singing along with the song, while his hands move about the screen, on one occasion performing a magic trick. The video is interactive and users can change what Butler does with his hands and face by dragging the mouse across the screen.

The video is the band’s first to be made for a track from their second album and is believed the song could now be released as a single.