Arcade Fire opening Haitian restaurant in Montreal

Agrikol will be launched by the band's Win Butler and Régine Chassagne during the summer

Arcade Fire are set to open a new restaurant in their home city of Montreal, Canada this summer.

The band’s husband-and-wife duo of Win Butler and Régine Chassagne will launch the Haitian-themed establishment, which will go by the name of Agrikol, in collaboration with restaurateurs Roland Jean and Jen Agg later this year.

Jean and Agg currently own the Rhum Corner restaurant in Toronto, which Butler and Chassagne recently visited. Chassagne herself has family hailing from the Caribbean island of Haiti, with the band’s 2013 album ‘Reflektor’ partly influenced by the music of the country.


Butler told Canada’s The Globe And Mail: “[The restaurant is] more of an art project. The idea is that it’s a cultural space. The thing that we were really impressed with at Rhum Corner is that it’s this space for Haitian and Caribbean culture and it’s really cool and contemporary.”

Butler added that Agrikol will replicate the “cultural warmth” of Haiti, while Agg said: “It will be presented slightly differently, but the food and flavours are really authentic.”

Meanwhile, the band’s frontman Win Butler served his own range of coffee at a cafe in New York on Valentine’s Day. Butler’s ‘RaRa’ coffee was grown in Haiti and released in conjunction with La Colombe Coffee. Proceeds from the sales go to the Partners in Health and Haiti Coffee Academy charities.