Arcade Fire criticise U2 and Oasis

Win Butler talks exclusively to NME

Arcade Fire have criticised the marketing strategies of band’s like U2, Oasis and The Rolling Stones.

Speaking in the new issue of NME, frontman Win Butler had a go at bands who aggressively force feed their music to fans.

Butler said: “It’s not like we shun success, but at the same time we don’t’ want to shove it down people’s throats. In the UK there’s this kind of rock star competition.


“I don’t know if U2 started it, or The Stones or Oasis but a lot of bands think in terms of: ‘I’m going to be the biggest band in the world. Fuck all those bands who’ve got no ambition’. I think that’s a total crock of shit.

“There’s nothing less interesting to me than the idea of marketing the fuck out of something so people are forced to like it. Some bands are just manipulating people to buy music. That’s how 90 per cent of the record industry works! It’s basically the same as selling a fucking toaster or a cruise package.”

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