Arcade Fire to soundtrack Christmas ad campaign

The band explain why they said yes

Arcade Fire are to soundtrack an ad campaign in the USA over Christmas – and it’s all for a good cause.

The band, currently mixing their second full-length album, have donated the track ‘Rebellion (Lies)’ to the fund-raising label Red.

In a message on the group’s official website, frontman Win Butler was at pains to point out Arcade Fire are receiving no money for their contribution. He also emphasised the Canadian outfit only said yes because a percentage of the profits the label make go to worthy causes.

“For the next weeks there are some commercials that are going to be running online and on TV surrounding the launch of the Red campaign in the States, in which our song ‘Rebellion (Lies)’ will be playing in the background,” he explained. “These ads are for the Red campaign (which is a non-profit) and not for any of the individual companies which license the Red brand.

“We haven’t been paid a penny for the use of the song. Having talked to all the people in charge of the Red Campaign and learning about the whole thing works financially, I am convinced that something of this nature is the only way to get Americans to give large amounts of money to directly fight AIDS in Africa in a sustainable way.

“The Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria (which directly receives the funds from a percentage of the profit from Red sales) is probably the most direct way to get these people medication, while bypassing the sometimes tediously slow process of politics.”

He added: “We didn’t want ‘Rebellion’ to be the anthem of the campaign, so we are just letting them use the song for a few weeks during the Christmas rush to help get the word out there, more as a gesture that we hope this sort of thing takes hold, and that it can be a sustainable way of out fucked up culture giving people something that they can actually use.

“Just know that we made this decision with a lot of soul searching. It just seemed so snobbish not to engage with the reality of the absurd sums of money big business can raise without even noticing it.”

More details on the campaign can be found