Arcade Fire praise U2’s ‘intimate’ live shows

Win Butler says the Irish rockers 'make the most' of their situation

Arcade Fire have praised U2‘s “intimate” stage set-up on tour.

The Canadian band supported Bono and co. on both Montreal dates of their ‘Vertigo’ world tour, which hit the city in November 2005.

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler said: “The U2 thing was kind of interesting just because the way their stage is designed, the crowd is right there – there isn’t a huge gap or anything. And it was actually more intimate than a lot of club shows, because the people are right there.

“They’ve done it for so long that it’s really well designed. You can play a crappy show in a 100-person room, and you can play a crappy show in a 15,000-seat room. You just have to make the most of whatever situation you’re in.”

Butler also denied that his band would be moving to a major label following the worldwide success of their second album ’Neon Bible’, which came out in March.

He told Pitchfork: “Once you get into the major (label) thing, it’s not really based on anyone’s taste anymore. There’s a country act, and a comedy record, and a Disney contract. It’s not that inspiring. It’s like, ‘We used to have Bob Dylan on our label!’”