Arcade Fire ready new album

15 songs recorded

Arcade Fire have recorded 15 songs for their new album.

Singer Win Butler also revealed that the band hoped to record a few songs with a full orchestra in Budapest.

As previously reported by NME.COM, the as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2005’s ‘Funeral’ is being recorded in a church in the band’s home city of Montreal, which they converted into a studio.


On the band’s official site Butler posted:

“Just letting you know that things are going very well here in the studio. We have maybe 15 songs with little bits left to record and a few more we want to get to tape. We are going to try and record a couple of songs in me and Regine’s living room, because the drums sound so great in there…Feeling excited and inspired, learning to play all these new instruments…Well mostly Regine to be honest! It’s gonna be really interesting how we’re going to fit all of these new sounds in a tour bus.”

Butler also revealed that the band was working a new sound into their music:

“This week we are recording a huge fucking pipe organ on 2 songs…what an incredible sound!”

He also revealed that violinists Final Fantasy, who played on ‘Funeral’, would be featuring on the new tracks.

Owen (Pallet – from Final Fantasy) is coming here to record with us in early July. There is talk of recording a few songs with a full orchestra in Budapest…The next couple of weeks we will be pulling our hair out.”