Arcade Fire plan new album

The band tell NME.COM they want to get to work on the follow-up to 'Funeral' very soon...

ARCADE FIRE are to follow their appearances at the CARLING WEEKEND: READING AND LEEDS FESTIVALS by getting to work on their new album.

Despite playing relatively few shows in the UK since the release of ‘Funeral’ earlier this year, the Canadian band say they will not be back until they have recorded the follow-up.

Bassist Tim Kingsbury said: “We want to start making a new record. We’ve got a lot of writing to do too. We’ve been touring these songs for a couple of years (‘Funeral’ came out in the US in 2004) so we’re ready to move on.”


He added: “Hopefully it will be out within a year but it’s hard to say.”

Organist Richard Parry added: “I have no idea how it will sound. I’m sure it will be different, but still have our sound. It’s the same group of people. It’s gonna be the Arcade Fire. And we have our own studio space now so there’s no time constraints. We spend as much time as we want and then see what happens.”

The band will take the time out to support [url=]U2 at two shows later this year at Montreal Bell Centre on November 26 and 28 – the Irish rockers have been using Arcade Fire’s ‘Wake Up’ as their intro music.