Arcade Fire side project announce UK show

The Bell Orchestre to play London

Arcade Fire‘s offshoot band, The Bell Orchestre, have announced a UK show.

The band, who feature Richard Parry, a founder member of the Montreal group, are playing at show at London’s Bush Hall on March 25.

The outfit who mix a traditional orchestral approach with more machine sounding elements and also feature Arcade Fire member Sarah Neufeld, released their self-titled debut last year.

Discussing his involvements in both bands, Parry explained: “They are two very separate outlets that sort of uses two parts of my brain, or two different sections of one part of my brain.”

He added that with Win Butler doing most of the creative legwork in the Arcade Fire, The Bell Orchestre was an important outlet for him.

“Since I don’t do the bulk of the song-writing in the Arcade Fire, this is more of a delicate process for me where the music is really open to anything happening,” Parry explained.