Arcade Fire’s Win Butler calls Trump a “complete fucking nightmare”

Musician urges voters to choose Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election

Arcade Fire‘s Win Butler has urged US votes to choose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

Speaking at a Red Bull Music Academy event in Montreal, Canada last week, the musician called the highly controversial Republican candidate a “complete fucking nightmare, and a clown, and a joke”.

Democratic candidate Clinton “will be a great president,” predicted Butler, who is Canadian but was born in California and a maintains a keen interest in US politics.


“It really is an extremely important election. You don’t have to hang out with Hillary,” he continued. “Jesus Christ… the consequences could not be more dire.”

Arguing that a Trump candidacy will be detrimental to many American citizens, Butler added: “There’s a lot of kids that will not have access to healthcare and to education, there’s, like, millions and millions and millions of people whose lives will, the practical day-to-day of their lives will be extremely shaped.”

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Butler told fans in June that Arcade Fire’s next album, their fifth, is likely to come out in spring 2017. However, the musician also said at the time that there’s no “definite schedule” and that the record will “be done when it’s done”.