Arcade Fire cover Neil Young live – watch

The group performed 'Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown in Winnipeg

Arcade Fire have covered Neil Young’s ‘Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown’ during a live show at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg on Thursday night (August 14).

Pitchfork reports that the band performed their version of the track with instrumentalist Tim Kingsbury contributing vocals and frontman Win Butler wearing a large paper mâché head – a regular feature of their ‘Reflektor’ tour. Click above to watch footage of the performance.

With Young a Winnipeg native, the band continued their recent trend of covering artists in their hometowns. They recently covered fellow Canadian Feist’s ‘I Feel It All’ in Calgary, Alberta and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in Seattle. They’ve also performed tracks by The Smiths, Echo And The Bunnymen and INXS, among others.

In June, Butler revealed that he fell off stage wearing one of the band’s papier-mâché heads during tour preparations. “I did in a rehearsal but I’ve figured it out now – the hard way. You can’t move around too much.”

Butler also admitted the difficulty he was having in playing guitar while wearing one of the prop heads. “It’s tough. You really have to know what you’re doing because you can only see through the nose holes.”