Arcade Fire debut new songs at secret show

The band are due to headline Voodoo Music + Arts Experience festival in New Orleans tonight (October 30)

Arcade Fire have debuted new songs at a secret show.

The intimate gig served as a warm-up for their headline set at New Orleans’ Voodoo Music + Arts Experience festival tonight (October 30).

The group played at the Louisiana city’s Secondline Stages last night (October 29), where they performed to 175 fans who were dressed up for Halloween.


Phones were confiscated at the door from all attending the concert, which, as Pitchfork reports, mean and footage of the tracks is unlikely to exist.

The setlist was 14 songs long, according to The Times-Picayune, and included a medley including the Ghostbusters theme song, during which frontman Win Butler ad libbed about a clown who lives in a tower in the sky.

Arcade Fire’s set at Voodoo Music + Arts Experience will be streamed online.

The Montreal band are working on a new record, as member Will Butler confirmed earlier this year.

Speaking in a Reddit AMA to mark the release of his debut solo album ‘Policy’, Butler was asked when to expect a new Arcade Fire record, to which he replied that it would “probably” be released next spring. However, Butler did go on to add that there’s no “definite schedule” and that the record will “be done when it’s done”.


Previously, Will Butler had said that the band were “30 per cent” into their fifth LP.

Speaking to NME last September, Butler said, “We’re all itching to play music together and start recording things. We’re basically in the demo and play together phase, and historically that’s led to realising that, surprisingly, we’re 30 per cent into a record, so we’ll see if that happens.”

Butler added, “It’s a bit different this time because everyone’s older and fatter and lazier, so it might take longer, but we’re playing music together. Win and Regine got a place in New Orleans so I think we’ll spend some time there, because why wouldn’t you? But apart from that we’re in the old HQ [in Montreal].”

Quizzed on what to expect from the record, Butler continued, “There’s kind of not enough [done yet] to know where it’s going. It’s good to know that we can play rhythmic music together and that we’re good at it, but there’s not enough there yet to know [if it’s going in that direction].”