Does Arcade Fire’s ‘Everything Now’ rip off this little-known Spanish band?

The similarities are pretty clear

The title track to (and lead single from) Arcade Fire‘s new album ‘Everything Now’ has been revealed to share an awful lot of similarities to a song by a lesser-known Spanish band.

The disco-influenced beat and lead line of ‘Everything Now’ is led by a huge, ABBA-esque melody, which trades off between the guitars and piano of the band, and the chants of their fans, recorded at a show last year.

However, as The Line Of Best Fit point out, the main hook of ‘Everything Now’ bears a more-than-striking resemblance to ‘La Gran Ciudad’, a track by a little-known Spanish band called Templeton.


Released on 2014’s ‘Rosi’, the Templeton track began circling online amongst their fanbase after Arcade Fire released ‘Everything Now’, with some accusing the Canadian group of ‘ripping off’ the melody entirely. Templeton themselves even joked about suing the group, tweeting, “After this we can retire, one million each and we’re settled…”

Speaking to The Line Of Best Fit, the group said: “We found out as soon as we listened to the song, the day of the premiere. The similitude was pretty obvious so we all thought about it. Also, a lot of people who follow our music started discussing about it on the internet. We felt quite surprised… I mean, the first time you hear it it’s like ‘wow, that’s pretty similar, and they are one of the biggest bands on the planet.'”

Listen to ‘Everything Now’ below, with the melody in question beginning at o:45.

And ‘La Gran Ciudad’ here, with the original part taking place from 2:45:


Arcade Fire are yet to make a statement about the tracks’ similarities. NME have reached out to a representative for Arcade Fire.

Templeton’s new album ‘Una Mar Enorme’ is out in October.