Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler teases new music on social media

The band's last album was released in 2017

Arcade Fire‘s lead vocalist Win Butler has shared a snippet of new music on social media, possibly suggesting a forthcoming release from the band.

Butler posted the clip, which featured a brief eight seconds of acoustic music without any vocals, on his Instagram Stories. The only other message Butler left was the caption: “sometimes it takes 20 years to write a song”. It isn’t clear whether the song is connected to Arcade Fire.

The clip has since disappeared from Butler’s account, however, fans on Reddit were quick to record the excerpt and share it online.

Saw someone ask if you could listen to Wins story without an instagram account so whoever asked here ya go from arcadefire


Arcade Fire’s most recent record was in 2017 with ‘Everything Now’. NME gave their fifth studio album a glowing five-star review, labelling the band “bigger, bolder and more fearful of the future than ever”.

The band performed their first show in two years in February, making an appearance at New Orleans’ Kanaval Ball. Speaking to a few months prior to the show, Butler said the band were “not planning to tour for the foreseeable future”.

Arcade Fire also shared a remastered music video of ‘Rebellion (Lies)’ last September to celebrate 15 years since its release.

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