Listen to Arcade Fire’s cover of John Lennon’s ‘Mind Games’

It's been released as part of Spotify's Singles series

Arcade Fire have shared a new cover of John Lennon‘s ‘Mind Games’ – listen to their version below.

The ‘Everything Now’ band have released the track as part of the Spotify Singles series, with the cover arriving along with a new live recording of the title track from their recently-released fifth album.

Arcade Fire’s cover of Lennon’s ‘Mind Games’ – the title track from the late Beatle’s 1973 solo album – is now streaming on the platform. The band have previously covered the song during their live sets, with one notable instance in August seeing ‘Mind Games’ being mashed up with Radiohead‘s ‘Karma Police’ and David Bowie‘s ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’.

Listen to Arcade Fire’s cover of ‘Mind Games’ below, via Spotify.

Spotify Singles

Spotify Singles, an album by Arcade Fire on Spotify

Last month, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler discussed his “method” for writing songs in a parody video interview.

Butler appeared in a ClickHole video called “How I Write A Song”, where he claimed that he takes off all his clothes and throws up to get himself in the zone for songwriting. He also opined that different chords inspire different subjects, with G, C and D conjuring images of protein powder.

The band had previously apologised for the social media marketing campaign around ‘Everything Now’.