Watch Arcade Fire’s remastered video for ‘Rebellion (Lies)’: “Enjoy the band as the babies we were”

Marking part of the band's 15th anniversary celebrations of their seminal debut album 'Funeral'

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Arcade Fire‘s seminal debut album, the band have shared a newly-restored version of the iconic video for ‘Rebellion (Lies)’. Check out first on NME below.

On September 14, the Canadian indie veterans will mark 15 years to the day since they dropped ‘Funeral’ by releasing never-before-seen live footage, archival pictures from the time of the album’s release, and various other exclusive content. First up, here’s a new and improved version of the video for ‘Rebellion (Lies)’.

“The ‘Rebellion’ video is the first video we made as a band, filmed in the months before the release of ‘Funeral’,” frontman Win Butler told NME. “Our friend Josh Deu, who used to play in Arcade Fire, did the visual effects on the video. Somehow along the way the wrong version got uploaded and the official video only existed in a degraded form. We are happy that he was able to redo the hand drawn effects for this restoration. Enjoy the band as the babies we were!”


Earning itself a 9/10 score in NME upon its March 2005 UK release, Arcade Fire’s ‘Funeral’ entered the world in September 2004. It kicked started a career of critical success early, for few could deny it’s poetic, almost universal appeal: Ihram Ahmed wrote “For those of us who still believe in music’s power to redeem, ‘Funeral’ feels like detox, the most cathartic album of the year.”

From here, the band have also promised behind-the-scenes footage from their personal archive, as well as rare live performances, never-before-seen photos from the making of ‘Funeral’, a complete Anton Corbijn shoot from the era plus tour memorabilia including calendars, journal entries, early fliers and posters, and a bespoke ‘canvas video’ special celebrating ‘Funeral’ on Spotify.

This year also saw Arcade Fire share their rendition of ‘Baby Mine’ from the soundtrack to Dumbo.

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