Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry shares new track ‘I Was in the World (Was the World in Me)’

It's taken from his upcoming solo album 'Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1'

Arcade Fire musician Richard Reed Parry has shared a brand new track, ‘I Was in the World (Was the World in Me)’ – watch a live performance video of the song below.

Parry will release his new album ‘Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1’ this Friday (September 21) via ANTI- Records, with the aforementioned track giving fans a preview of the sound of his new record.

Speaking about ‘I Was in the World (Was the World in Me)’, Parry remarked: “[It’s] a song about the elements and our bodies being inextricably interwoven – about being a human and experiencing a moment in nature that’s so direct and powerful that we lose our sense of where we end and the world around us begins.

“A simultaneously blissful and terrifying moment of ‘losing yourself’: swimming in a river, realising that the same beautiful tactile sensation you’re having in the water is, in a way, a living version of what you might experience at the moment of death. The molecules of your body actually merging with the molecules of the world around you… we become ashes, thrown into the sea, absorbed up into the clouds, raining down onto the land and into the rivers… as we turn, turn, turn again.”

Watch Parry’s performance video for his single ‘I Was in the World (Was the World in Me)’ below.

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