Arcade Fire share the advice given to them by Bruce Springsteen

'Just make sure you can always play shows in Spain'

Arcade Fire‘s Will Butler has revealed the secret to longevity given them to Bruce Springsteen.

The multi-intrumentalist was speaking to Consequence Of Sound about the backlash given to their latest album ‘Everything Now‘, when some words of advice from The Boss sprang to mind.

“Bruce Springsteen actually told us once, ‘Just make sure that you can always play shows in Spain,’” said Butler. “‘Because there will come a time when people hate you for like a decade and you can just disappear and go play shows in Spain where people love you.


“And you’ll be in Spain, and you can eat delicious food. And then 10 years after people will realise that you’re really great and you can go back to America.’”

Meanwhile, frontman Win Butler recently responded to critics who claim that ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Infinite Content’ are the band’s worst songs.

“The crazy thing about music is that everyone has different taste,” wrote Butler. “Depends where you grew up, what your parents liked, how you feel rhythm etc. I’ve been on the other side and not loved the music my favourite bands made, but I just started listening to other music.”

“There were so many records I “loved” that I really liked 2 songs on, and also there’s a lot of music I really didn’t get that, made sense to me later in life. Or music that I thought was amazing that I completely lost interest in.”

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The National also recently spoke to NME about their ‘competitive’ relationship with Arcade Fire.

“Throughout the history of the band, especially when we were struggling, we kind of built up this thick skin,” guitarist Aaron Dessner told NME. “All that really mattered was the feeling between us. There wasn’t a huge amount of ego. We used to call our songs the ugly ducklings. We’d joke with Arcade Fire that we’re just the marathon runners and they’re world-class sprinters. We’re the turtle, they’re the hare.”