Watch Arcade Fire and Bill Hader argue about the band’s name in ‘SNL’ promo

Will Butler is "pretty sure it's The Arcade Fire"

Arcade Fire are the musical guests for this week’s Saturday Night Live, with actor and comedian Bill Hader hosting tomorrow’s show (17 March).

In true SNL style, some tongue-in-cheek promos have been released, featuring Hader along with the band.

In one promo, when host Bill Hader introduces the band as simply “Arcade Fire,” Win Butler quickly corrects him—“I’m pretty sure it’s the Arcade Fire.” After some hesitation from Régine Chassagne, they decide the matter with a quick Google search. Watch it below.

Earlier this week, Arcade Fire played a surprise show in New York (14 March).

The Canadians were in town to do a live Q&A with director Spike Jonze at the Gramercy Theatre, as part of Spotify’s ‘Fans First’ series, ‘A Conversation With’.

They used the occasion to premiere their ‘Money + Love’ double video – for ‘Everything Now‘ tracks, ‘Put Your Money On Me’ and ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’ – but after the Q&A and screening, the band took to the stage to play a surprise 15-song set.

Billboard reports that: “As the film comes to a close and the end credits roll, the music to ‘Everything Now’ suddenly booms out from the speakers. It was all too clear what would come next. The curtain drops, and there stands Arcade Fire in all its live glory.

“The band dove into ‘Rebellion (Lies)’ next, which prompted Jonze and Wilson to enthusiastically dance around on stage.”