Arcadia spider team share first official glimpse of ‘Pangea’ for Glastonbury festival 2019

"Pangea....a primordial world of infinite possibility"

The first official glimpse of Arcadia’s new spectacle has been shared.

Arcadia Spectacular, the team behind the mechanical, fire-breathing spider that graced Worthy Farm for more than a decade, have posted a behind-the-scenes video of the spider’s replacement design for this year’s Glastonbury festival.

Large, red-painted metal structures are shown in discreet moments during the video – either transported around or constructed. Although the design is difficult to make out, the structure looks to be much grander in size as part of the new project being a “blank canvas in the sky”.

Arcadia creators have promised an “evolving show in the skies” in place of the old spider.

“A vast new project is taking shape at Glastonbury that will lay the foundations for a new site-specific landscape and an evolving show in the sky over the next five year,” they said earlier this year.

Meanwhile, on Thursday (May 17) one eagle-eyed Glastonbury fan seemingly spotted what appears to be the Arcadia replacement being constructed for this year’s festival.

Photos captured from the BBC’s Glastonbury webcam show a similarly epic structure being created, with a series of trucks appearing to hoist the new creation into place.

Posting the photo on Twitter, renowned account TheGlastoThingy asked: “Arcadia rising?”

Time will tell.