Architects: ‘We live in a culture of relentless online negativity’

Metallers also speak about the departure of guitarist Tim Hillier-Brook

Architects have have said that fan reactions to them on Twitter and Facebook are causing a “culture of relentless negativity” and “put a cloud over reality”.

The Brighton metallers, who released their fifth album ‘Daybreaker’ on Monday (May 28), said they found the online reaction to their new record bemusing and can’t understand why so many people feel the need to criticise them via Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking to NME, singer Sam Carter said: “Everyone thinks they’re a journalist now. Everyone thinks they’re working for a magazine or for fucking BBC News. They all feel like they can comment and say what they want to thousands of people. It gets to me, it’s like we live in this culture of relentless negativity.”


Guitarist Tom Searle went further, adding: “The culture today is so critical, we live in a very strange culture, where even people who love an album will find a problem with it and they’ll let you know. This didn’t exist when we were kids. It pisses me off when its kids you’ve met and been nice to suddenly start talking about how shit you are.”

He continued: “I sometimes think about removing myself from all that, because when you go out and play a show, none of that shit matters. Social networks put a cloud over reality. If we believed the internet; we’d have been done after our last album.”

The band also spoke about the departure of guitarist Tim Hillier-Brook, who left earlier this month. Hillier-Brook had been in the band since they formed in 2004 and has been replaced by Sylosis frontman Josh Middleton on a temporary basis.

Speaking about his departure, singer Sam Carter said: “We didn’t know during the making of the album, but on the tour that followed it became pretty obvious that it was coming. He kept himself to himself on the last couple of tours. It’s not thrown anything off in the way we sound, we’re playing the same as we ever were.”

Searle added: “He’s pretty quiet anyway, but he just seemed a lot more distant this time. It’s a shame when anyone leaves, because obviously you’ve found a way of working with them, but Josh has come in and done a great job.”

Asked if Middleton was a contender to be their new full-time guitarist, Searle said: “I don’t think so. He has Sylosis, that’s his baby, he’s put so much into it and I don’t think it’d be something he’d be interested in putting away. We’re going on a world tour in August, so hopefully we’ll have someone by then.”


Searle also added that the band were very happy with ‘Daybreaker’ and felt it was their most ambitious album to date. “We’ve gone further with the instruments we used and really pushed ourselves,” he said.

Architects just completed a UK tour alongside Rolo Tomassi. You can watch the video for the band’s recent single ‘Devil’s Island’ by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.


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