Alex Turner dresses as The Riddler as Miles Kane goes as Ric Flair for Halloween

Last Shadow Puppets are reportedly working on a new album

Alex Turner and Miles Kane have been pictured in fancy dress for Halloween.

The pair – who are reportedly working on new music as the Last Shadow Puppets – recently attended a Halloween party with Turner dressed as Batman villain The Riddler and Kane as veteran wrestler Ric Flair.

See in the picture below.


Fans were recently speculating about the possibility of a second Last Shadow Puppets album following a tweet from a collaborator of the duo.

Owen Pallett, a solo artist and member of Arcade Fire in his own right, arranged the strings on Last Shadow Puppet’s 2008 debut ‘The Age Of The Understatement’. On October 9, he tweeted a message about recording a new album that had crossed the threshold into “classic status” and ended it with a hashtag “#tlsp2”

The full tweet from Pallett read: “That rare and thrilling moment when the record you’re working on crosses the threshold into Classic Status #tlsp2”


Fans have taken from this that Pallett is referring to a second album from The Last Shadow Puppets.

In 2013, Alex Turner told NME that he had firm plans to work with Kane again in the future in some way, shape or form.

Speaking about his work with Kane, Turner said: “It’s something we’d both love to do at some point but I don’t know what that point is. I certainly don’t think it’s tomorrow. Miles is doing his thing and that’s going great. It’s like he’s become whole. Although he always was a superstar, wasn’t he?”

Turner then added: “It’s definitely something that’s on the cards in the future. Or something else – it doesn’t have to be the Shadow Puppets.”

Earlier that same year Kane said he was certain something will happen eventually. Interviewed by NME, he said: “I think the plan is to release something again, for sure…Since we did that [Alex Turner] has been busy and I had to find my feet with being on my own. If it comes after the end of this cycle and the end of his next record we’ll probably be both ready and really up for it. It’s just on the sidelines, there’s nothing written for it.”