Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner: ‘I’m not really that up for playing guitar at the moment’

Frontman says he wants to put down the instrument and let somebody else play

Alex Turner has said that he may not play guitar during Arctic Monkeys‘ upcoming live dates.

The band will release new album ‘AM’ next week (September 9) and Turner discusses their ideas on how to play it live in a new interview published in this week’s NME, available digitally and on newsstands from today (September 4).

Talking about Arctic Monkeys’ future live plans, which includes a UK tour to take place before the end of 2013, Turner says: “I’m not really that up for playing guitar at the moment, so I’m trying to get everybody else to do it.” This includes touring member Tom Rowley, whose role Turner describes as: “rubbing his belly, patting his head, playing the lead, checking his emails and fucking shredding it on the B-3 organ!”

Elsewhere, Turner equates his songwriting process to waiting for a shopping delivery, saying he knows something is going to arrive but has no real idea when. “Writing songs for me is like waiting for deliveries,” he explains. “You get a window: the washing machine’s got to be there between 11 and 5. You’ve got to wait for it. It [the song] is the washing machine, the idea! You’re like, ‘Right, we’re gonna do this record between now and then, and in the middle something is gonna arrive. A loosely metaphorical washing machine.”

Arctic Monkeys are currently streaming their forthcoming album ‘AM’ online. The album, which is released on September 9, is now available to listen to via iTunes. The band’s fifth studio album features the songs ‘R U Mine?’ and ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ while guests on the album include Josh Homme and former member of The Coral, Bill Ryder-Jones.

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