Josh Homme and Alex Turner read through their iPhone notes on Beats 1 radio show – listen

Strange entries included 'It's my headache', 'Put glass in front of everything' and 'John Lennon as a TV chef'

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has appeared on Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme‘s new Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music.

The latest episode of Alligator Hour with Joshua Homme aired on Wednesday evening (July 29) and can be replayed below.

During the episode, Homme speaks to Turner, who he introduces as “origami teacher, hand model and international monopoly champion”, about songwriting and their use of the Notes app on their iPhones.


“What was interesting about the time we recorded together is that you would change lyrics but I never saw a pen or piece of paper,” Homme said. “I found it interesting”.

“I have notebooks and do write things down, but I don’t know how much sense it would make,” Turner said. “Often it looks more like an algorithm by the time I’m finished. Somewhere between a spider diagram and a word cloud. By the time we record it, I really have a notepad there any more”.

“I had a bag stolen once with my notebook in it and that did horrify me. Even songs that are finished and get recorded, I still feel self-conscious lyrically. The idea that the drafts exist makes me uncomfortable.”

Homme said he used the Notes app to jot down “literature or fine writing based on trivial or mundane subject matters” and he has “tons of ideas at three in the morning”.

Taking turns to read out entries from their iPhones notes, Turner’s included “It’s my headache” and “John Lennon as a TV chef”, while Homme had noted down “Put glass in front of everything” and the word “Cockalorum”, which means “a little man who has an undue high opinion of himself”.

They also exchanged ideas of possible names for bars: such as ‘Pre-hab’, ‘Alternative Endings’ and ‘Space Bar’, inspired by the Milk Bar in A Clockwork Orange.


Listen to the episode in full below. The Alex Turner interview starts at the 30 minute mark.

Meanwhile, Homme is set to release a new album with Eagles Of Death Metal titled ‘Zipper Down’, which the pair recently described as being “as sexy as Brad Pitt meets Antonio Banderas”.

The record follows on from 2008’s ‘Heart On’ and will be released on October 2.