Arctic Monkeys: ‘We couldn’t make a record like our first one again’

Matt Helders also says the band are 'ready to record again'

Arctic Monkeys have spoken about their plans for the follow-up to ‘Suck It And See’ and have said that they feel that they could never make another album like their debut ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ again.

The band are currently touring across North America as support to The Black Keys and told the Calgary Herald that making another record like their debut would “feel fake”.

Asked about whether they ever felt expectation to recapture the spirit of their debut, drummer Matt Helders said: “For us, it seems obvious to do something different when you make a new record. I know that bands can successfully carry on by having a similar sound forever, can have a full career out of it.”


He continued: “Obviously many do and that works. It’s just that I don’t think we’d ever want to do that. We couldn’t make a record like our first record again, it would sound a bit fake.”

Helders then said that he felt the band had “grown up” and had no intention of letting “expectation” dictate what they did next.

He added: “We’ve never really thought that we can let expectation dictate what kind of music we make. I think it’s important that we make a record that we think is good and hopefully people share that opinion. Since that first record, we’ve all changed and hopefully the people that were into us have changed as well, grown up with us.”

Then asked if he and his bandmates were ready to head into the studio again, Helders said he thought they were and didn’t see them taking much of a break.

He added: “This is the longest we’ve ever toured a record, since its come out. Usually, we have got back in the studio by now or we’ve had a break. This tour’s great, we’re really enjoying it but I think we’re ready to record again or at least think about it. We never really take that long to make a record.”

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