Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Reckless Serenade’ – fans give their verdicts

Debate has been raging at NME.COM/blogs

‘Reckless Serenade’, the latest track to emerge from Arctic Monkeys’ new album ‘Suck It And See’ appeared online recently, and fans have been posting their verdicts online at NME.COM/blogs and on Facebook since.

NME.COM user Darren Thomson loved it, writing: “Alex [Turner] you bloody genius.” Andy Baber was also impressed, writing: “Really good. Not a lot to it – reminds me quite a bit of ‘No Buses’ – but another promising track from Arctic Monkeys. Bring on the album!” Els Merten wrote: “I like this song very much. Well done guys.”

Neil Shaw liked the tune but was less convinced that the whole album will be a cracker, writing: “Not been keen on the other two songs so far, but this is definitely more like it!” Callum Goddin didn’t rate the track though, writing: “It sounds like ‘Gigantic’ by the Pixies. But not as good.”

Head to NME.COM/blogs to hear the song and have your say. ‘Suck It And See’ is out on June 6.

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