Arctic Monkeys say new album was influenced by David Bowie and Nick Cave – video

Band tell NME about the writing process of 'Suck It And See'

Arctic Monkeys have explained how they turned to older masters such as David Bowie, Nick Cave and Lou Reed for inspiration when writing their fourth album ‘Suck It And See’.

The band were speaking to NME in an exclusive video interview – watch it by clicking above.

Frontman Alex Turner said: “I wanted a good song foundation on this one, so that meant listening to Nick Cave, John Cale, Lou Reed, [David] Bowie, Leonard Cohen. And then as it went in and we put it through the mill of the band, other influences came into it, but I started with that to try and craft songs better.”

Drummer Matt Helders also discussed the feedback he’s had based on his lead vocal on ‘Brick By Brick’, saying: “It’s been good for me. I’ve enjoyed every comment that I’ve seen.” When pressed for his favourite comment he’d read he said: “‘You sing like a crow’. I don’t know if it were intended to be a compliment, but I took it as a compliment.”