Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner: ‘I’m getting into country music’

Frontman also confirms that 'Black Treacle' will be the band's next single

Arctic Monkeys‘ frontman Alex Turner has revealed that he started listening to country music while writing the band’s fourth album ‘Suck It And See’, but has said that he will never write a country song of his own.

Speaking to Australian newspaper Central Queensland News, Turner said that while he had taken a lot of lyrical inspiration from country music for the band’s recent record, he could not see himself ever writing a country track.

Asked about his inspirations for ‘Suck It And See’, the frontman replied:

I started getting into country music which is something I’ve never gone anywhere near until quite recently, like I never understood it before. I know I’m never going to write a country tune, that just wouldn’t work, but for that reason I can draw something from it. They’re really sort of smart arses sometimes those guys, like George Jones and that kind of thing. The sound doesn’t speak to me but the lyrics do.

Turner also spoke about the band’s future recording plans, revealing that they will be recording a brand new track as the B-side to new single ‘Black Treacle’, which will come out next year

He said of this: “‘Black Treacle’, the single we’re releasing next year, we’re recording a B-side for that. It’s a little bit more rock’n’roll. A lot of the album was more mellow. Since we put that out the songs we’ve been doing are a reaction to that. The new ones are a little bit more friendly. I quite like going in to do sessions just for B-sides. It’s a holiday for us. There’s no pressure.”

The singer also spoke about the band’s approach to recording ‘Suck It And See’ and said that he believed it combined elements from each of their three previous albums. He also dismissed the idea that it was “more mature” than their past efforts.

He added: “It has elements of all three [previous albums] in it really. I think it has some of the sense of humour the first record had, and a bit of the darkness of the third. I don’t know if I’d say it was more mature.”

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