Alex Turner reveals meaning of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Don’t Sit Down…’ single

Frontman reveals lyrical inspiration of new single

Arctic Monkeys has revealed the lyrical inspiration of the band’s new single ‘Don’t Look Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ to NME.

The frontman explained that the song title and content arose from a studio session he was taking part in for his soundtrack to the Submarine film.

“That’s something [the title] someone said,” he outlined. “In fact, I said it to somebody whose chair I moved and I didn’t want them to hurt themselves.”

He added: “This was while we were in the studio doing the Submarine recording and James [Ford, producer] said, ‘Oh, that sounds like it could be like a ’60s garage ‘Nuggets’ tune and be called that. So then we thought, ‘Well, OK if that’s what you can’t do, then what sort of ridiculous things can you do that are probably more dangerous than if you just sat down?”

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