Fans argue over Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Suck It And See’ album cover

Minimal cover art has debate in full swing on NME.COM

Arctic Monkeys‘ fans have been arguing over whether the band’s cover for their new album ‘Suck It And See’ is a stroke of genius or a lazy attempt at art.

The artwork, pictured above, has provoked a lengthy debate on NME.COM – see below to add your opinion to the pile.

Fans have already been commenting in their hundreds, with descriptions ranging from “brilliant” to “pure crap.”

NME.COM user James Bradley Jnr III loved the sleeve, describing it as, “Immense, as always.” Tom George felt the same, writing: “Great band, great artwork.”

Ricky Clark, meanwhile, hated the cover, describing it as “fucking lazy”, with Maynard Morrissey, also not impressed, called it “pure crap.”

Matty Burr went even further, calling the sleeve “shite and pretentious.”

Morgan Bradley suggested that the cover tied in with the meaning behind the album’s title, writing: “Why reveal too much on the cover? You’ll just have to ‘Suck It And See’.”

Oliver Porter wasn’t having any of that though, replying: “Yes, it’s supposed to be clever and yes, I do ‘get it’. But it’s still shit.”

‘Suck It And See’ is released on June 6.

You Can Pre-Order ‘Suck It And See’ At Now.